Joe Steven Moynihan

Wake up

Wake up

blind to my surroundings,
choking on an invisible force.

Wake up

a see a light approaching,
it speaks to me from afar,
what does it say?

Wake up

I'm dying, suffocating,
on what?
helpless, weak, puny,
unable to fight back...


I will not die!

The light grows,
I open my eyes...

I see it.

I have awoken.

No longer will I be a slave to the system,
wrapped within it's choke hold,
that fills my ears with lies,
that blinds me from the truth,
one by one we awaken,
The People,
we will open our eyes,
and fight for justice,
alone we are small,
but together,
we are giants,
this is no longer a dream,
this is reality.

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